GK design is an interior design bureau based in Graz, Austria.

We create the new life story for our clients, and this is more than pure design.

We provide a full range of services — from development of the design project to support of construction works and completion of the object.

It is important for us that the client feels our support and confidence throughout the entire work process. Together we move from an idea to a real interior, and this is not a stressful period, but an exciting adventure.

Design of a children's room with an area of 24.6 m2 in Graz, Austria

The design project of the children’s room was made for two girls aged 5 years and 1 year. The functional zoning was done to provide each of the girls who live in the room with her own personal space.

Each of the girls has her own wardrobe, her own bed, and her own chest of drawers. Moreover, all this furniture looks the same in order to create a sense of equality among the sisters. The older sister already has a table located by the panoramic window, where she can study when she goes to school. The table is designed with a length of 1750 mm, so both girls can easily study at the table at the same time.

In addition, the design provides for a common recreation area, where the sisters can relax together and play with toys. The room is very light and sunny, so the furniture is white and of the minimalist style to ensure a lot of space for imagination and new ideas.

Design of an apartment with an area of 53.43 m2 in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan

This apartment is intended for a young family without children, with a kitchen-studio, a separate bedroom and a guest bedroom.

We started the project with the re-planning of the apartment. As in many other Khrushchev-era apartments, all the rooms in this apartment were very small, dark, and there was no light in the living room. We converted a large loggia into a bedroom; and all the other rooms, except for the bathroom, were united into one room.

In the center of the apartment, we arranged a guest bedroom behind a frosted glass partition. It is conducive to a comfortable and at the same time intimate rest, as the sliding partition creates an intimate area in the open space of the apartment.

In the rest of the space, we managed to plan a recreation area, a dining area, and a kitchen working area. A small kitchen contains the maximum of components, while we managed to preserve enough free space in it. Now, instead of a large loggia, the tenants of the apartment have their own large bedroom — spacious and light.

Design of an apartment with an area of 40.22 m2 in Chernigov, Ukraine

We started the project with the re-planning of the apartment. We combined the kitchen and living room, but at the same time, we separated the children’s room and the dressing room. We installed a 2.1 m partition between the children’s room and the living room to allow more light enter the living room.

In the children’s room, we have put all the necessary items: a teenager’s bed, a desk and a bookcase.

All this was done for the future, so to speak, “to grow into”; but not to make the baby get bored in her room, we have provided for bright wallpapers on the entire wall.

The living room turned out into a very cozy place, but at the same time it is not overloaded by furniture — a folding sofa, a table and a TV area. I would like to mention the Fild lamps, they contributed to making this room unique and sophisticated.

Design of a house with an area of 120 m2 in Lower Austria

The task was to create a minimalistic bachelor interior for a young guy.

In the center of the living room, we have placed a large sofa, where many friends can gather to watch a football match.

Next to the living room, there is an open kitchen with dark facades, where one can make coffee or cook dinner.

The dining table is located relatively far from the kitchen, because it is not planned to use it often.

In general, the living room turned out to be modern, very contrasting and mannishly cozy.