20€ / m²

Visit for taking measurements

Professional measurements of premises in Graz (Austria); for other cities, measurements shall be provided by the customer.

Provision of layout options

Based on an apartment plan and a filled out detailed questionnaire, we provide 3 layout options with the arrangement of furniture that are necessary for making adjustments to the selected by you option and for working until the final agreement of the order.

Concept development

References are selected, collages are assembled. the style and colors are finalized.


Visualizations of each room are performed.


45€ / m²

Project with designer supervision

55€ / m²

Sequence of works

Signing of the contract

Regulations of the relationship between the designer and customer that contain all terms of the deal

Collection of terms of reference/ information from the customer

Discussion of wishes, identification of the customer's key preferences regarding the future design project and setting of the correct vector of the entire work

Taking measurements and photographs at the object

Visit to the object for collecting information

Layout concept

Several options for layout concepts in accordance with the customer’s terms of reference

Approval of the stylistic solution by the customer

Definition of colors, finishing materials and determination of the mood of the future object

3D visualization

Photorealistic images of the premises after renovation, thanks to which the customer can imagine the future interior

The first package of detailed design documentation

Preparation of priority sheets for discussion with the customer at the meeting

Completion of 3D visualizations

Final editing of photorealistic images of the object

Complete set of detailed design documentation for proceeding to the construction site

Completion of construction drawings, printing of the album

Specifications of equipment, finishing materials and furniture

List of used in the project materials, plumbing equipment, lighting fixtures, furniture, etc.

  • Measurement plan
  • Layout concept
  • Measurement plan of the layout concept
  • Plan of structures to be erected and dismantled
  • Furniture arrangement plan with dimensions
  • Plan for filling door and window openings
  • List of doors
  • Layout of floor coatings and sections
  • List of floor finishing materials
  • Heating arrangement scheme
  • Ceiling plan
  • Ventilation and air conditioning scheme
  • Layout of lighting equipment
  • Scheme of referencing lighting fixtures to switches
  • Circuit breaker layout
  • Layout of wiring devices for power and low-current networks
  • List of lighting and wiring devices
  • Wall decoration plan
  • List of finishing materials for walls
  • Wall elevations
  • Layout of tiles in bathrooms
  • Scheme of referencing plumbing equipment and a list of it
  • Visualization of the object